Classroom Resources

Looking for some new ways to keep your young artists challenged outside of the classroom? Here are some tried-and-true exercises, templates, and prompts to help them think outside of the box from the comfort of your own home!

All you need is some paper, some pencils, and an open mind to get you going!

All examples shown are work from past students, shared with their permission. Exercises and prompts are adaptations of popular, pre-existing methods used by artists around the world and I claim no idea as exclusively my own unless otherwise noted. Any templates made available on this site are of my own design unless otherwise stated, and are free to download for personal use.

Monster Mash.jpg

Monster Mash

Students are given a sheet with a fill-in-the-blank box for Eyes, Mouths, Ears, Arms, and Legs.

we then roll various numbered dice to determine how many of each body part their monster design must-have.

The colors and patterns are left to them to decide on their own to create a unique monster design.

For an extra challenge, mix it up by using table-top roleplaying game dice that have more than 6 sides, like the popular 20-sided dice (but maybe hold off on the 100-sided ones).

Skills Prioritized: Improvisation and Individuality

Shape Designers

Students are given a sheet of pre-made shapes. They then must create new characters, objects, or scenes using those shapes as the main element in their illustrations.

Encourage them to turn the paper and shapes around, viewing them from all angles to see if their impressions change.

For an extra challenge, set a short time limit from 10-15 minutes to keep them from over-thinking and rely on their intuition and first-impressions.

Skills Prioritized: Flexibility and Creativity

Shape Designer.jpg
2021_Connect the Ox.jpg

2021 Connect The Ox

2021 is the year of the metal ox in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar! Perfect for young artists, have them connect the dots to reveal the lucky animal of the new year.

For an added challenge, ask them to color in their masterpiece featuring the Pantone colors of the year: Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey!

Skills Prioritized: Technical Linework and Patience